Sunday, April 13, 2008

The YMCA 2008 Race Series

Today, Bill Rodgers and I traveled to 5 YMCA's in Upstate New York to sign autographs (Bill signed) and promote the 5k race series that is coming up. It was great. People loved seeing him, he was as gracious as ever, and everyone had fun. This 5k race series will be a huge success, no doubt.

While Bill was here, visiting from Boston, I'd hoped he could meet my dad, Will Maggs, who continues to work full time at the age of 84. Yes, Bill Rodgers is a legend in this country and has won Boston 4 times and New York 4 times, but I wanted Bill to meet my father more than I wanted my father to meet Bill.

Values, respect, discipline, caring. This is what my father has taught me. Bill, although successful by everyone's standards, has not yet reached the success level of my father. So, it didn't happen this time, but hopefully will happen next time. Bill will be a better person if he gets to know my dad.

And, I'm blessed to call Will my dad. May I do half as much good in my life as he has in his. But, Bill, thanks so much for coming. In time, you, too, will be the best. But, it's because of your love for your daughters in addition to your running. Once they reach a certain age, they, too, will realize what a great dad you've been.

And, once you turn 84, you'll have the priviledge of being the best dad in the world. I'm sure your daughters will agree.