Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today's Generation...Tomorrow

I read with much interest last night all of the latest findings on the exhorbitant costs of musculo-skeletal conditions in this country. Not only the rising costs, but the loss of quality of life. And, it's getting worse. But, the most startling news is, monies spent for research or improved treatments or improved preventive measures don't even score in the top 10 conditions we spend on, as the link to morbidity is so low. The truth is, with m/s issues, activity goes down and all other degenerative conditions grow quickly.

Now, today's middle and high school athletic community. What might they have in store for themselves? Let's start with the exam they must go through before the season's a medical exam (eyes, ears, nose and throat). Secondly, every decision parents make regarding any care their child receives is based on health insurance guidelines. The first question everyone asks is, "Does insurance cover it?". And, finally, we don't do anything until we're broken. We're reactive, not proactive.

This points to only one thing.......the cost of musculo-skeletal is going to dramatically rise in the next 25 years, while the quality of life is going to exponentially decline. More pharmaceuticals, more surgeries, more disabilities, more degenerative illness and more crisis. This is what our kids are in line for.

Please work with me to promote a new plan to change the rules this generation is guided by. Structural Management® is a clearly defined, proactive plan to change the course of events in exponential fashion. We can make a difference.