Friday, March 29, 2013

Tomorrow to no one

I remember some 20 years ago, I visited my father in the hospital. He had a "mild" heart attack, and this was big, as he'd had a major heart attack in 1972 that kept him in bed for a year. This "mild" attack occurred at the same time I was to leave town for a 1 week vacation. My father encouraged me to go, and I listened to him.

If anyone had asked me within the next hour who would die that day, JFK, jr. or my father, the answer would have been simple. But, I would have been wrong. Unfortunately, JFK, jr. died in a plane crash near Martha's Vineyard. And, my father lived. He will be celebrating his 90th birthday on February 18th of next year. Can you imagine?

The moral of the story; no one knows what day or what time it will end. We're all on borrowed time, so quit the arrogance as though you'll be here forever. Gain humility, and remember there is a bigger force (for me it is God) and you are but a player in this game of life. You have no control, only submission. So, give when you can, appreciate all the time and smile each day you wake up. It's that simple.