Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Disc injuries in neck

This 40 year old male patient presented with 4 protruding discs in the mid-neck 3 weeks after going to the emergency room in extreme pain. The pain hadn't reduced much, but his frustration with getting little to no help was high.

We x-rayed his neck to see what the biomechanics looked like, and it clearly showed the neck was doing everything possible to get stress off the back portion of the discs, where the swelling was greatest.

In severe pain with discs highly acute
After 3 weeks of intense care, this patient has made an incredible improvement. One of the key treatments used was cold laser therapy, done on 12 visits during the 18 days between x-rays. In addition, the patient used much ice therapy at home.

Reduced disc swelling now allows the patient to assume an improved postural position with much less pain.