Monday, December 31, 2018

On this final day of 2018, we enter the New Year with more vital information. First of all, we are a week or so away from the launch of  our exciting Structural Management Certification Program. We had hoped to have it ready by January 1st, but the volume of information plus the technology in making it all available requires a little bit more time. We're looking between January 7th and January 15th.

Secondly, we've identified our young Kenyan runner who will run for Team CPOYA at the 2019 Boston Marathon. His name is NJOROGE ELIUD KARIUKI and he has run just over 1:00 for the half marathon. This should be a very exciting event for all those involved in the CPOYA mission. We will also be unveiling our newest Team CPOYA logo within the next few days.

So, a huge thanks to all who have been a part of this mission, and a huge invitation and thanks to all those who will become a part of this mission. Our biggest days lie ahead. Happy New Year, and may 2019 bring you much health, happiness and success.

Friday, December 28, 2018


As we leave 2018 and begin the new year, there's always a strong desire to check the score of the prior year and the hopes and dreams of the coming year.

2018 was a positive year in many ways. Professionally, I think some of us made a positive difference in the direction chiropractic is going. And when I say chiropractic, I really mean the field of musculoskeletal care. So many in our profession are mis-guided with their core beliefs as to what chiropractic is and how we best care for the public.

Simply put, the medical model of care is the cause of our crisis, and the Structural Management biomechanical model of care is the cure. But, we've got a good fight ahead of us. I've tried to plant seeds of high quality projects that will show the public the logic behind the biomechanical approach, the cost savings, the quality of life enhancers and the model that fits the full scope of chiropractic best.

The new year. Lot's of excitement. A great mission. A solid game plan. And a desire to change the system. What could be more exciting?