Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fixing the Healthcare System

All of us watched as McCain and Obama discussed fixing our healthcare system. Last year, Americans spent more than $2.3 trillion dollars on healthcare. That's more than $7,600. per person.

There recently was a report on the internet that listed 11 ways to slash your healthcare expenses. With great interest, I printed the report out to learn what pearls of wisdom would be listed.

I've wondered if our government can ever spearhead a movement that will actually "fix" the broken healthcare system, as those who are consulting and recommending are actually a big part of the problem. We don't have a broken healthcare system, we have a healthcare system set up for profit, not health.

The laws for health have never changed. Sleep well, eat well, exercise, help others, have good energy and good spirit. Somewhere along the way, pharmaceuticals and crisis care took the steering wheel, and here we are, $2.3 trillion a year.

In order to "fix" the problem, we must rid the roundtable of consultants who are looking for profit rather than solutions. We must promote the "alternatives", such as massage, nutrition, accupuncture, chiropractic, etc. Or any other "effort" that makes sense.

Taking drugs as a primary treatment never makes sense. Drugs should be a last resort. But, the consultants to the "system" write prescriptions. They don't know what the alternatives can do. We need the alternative people to be the consultants. We need the public to get more active and to begin pro-actively getting involved in their health.

The 11 steps to slashing healthcare costs never mentioned anything to do with getting healthier. They all had to do with money and health insurance issues. The answer cannot get away from people getting healthier. We're a country of lazy, comfortable people who don't know the laws of health.

This blog could go on forever. So, I'll stop here, and continue sometime in the near future. Thanks for stopping, and please kick into helping out to change the way business is being done.