Friday, January 1, 1999

The Pain Theory

by Dr. Timothy J. Maggs, © 1999

We live in a society that teaches us to run from pain. Pain is the enemy, and the enemy should be avoided at all costs. This type of teaching is the very basis of a weak society. But, pain is not the enemy. Weakness is the enemy, and this creates pain.

No one gets through life without experiencing pain. Pain comes in a variety of forms, and can present itself when least expected. There are physical versions, such as a broken leg or an automobile accident which leaves us injured and requiring stitches to sew up the severe cut on our face. There is emotional pain, such as the loss of a championship game. And then there is the spiritual pain, such as the death of a loved one. Regardless of the category, pain will be part of everyone's life at one time or another.

While society tells us "you haven't got time for the pain", the fact is that you'd better have time. When pain arrives, our fast paced lifestyles usually find it much easier to rid it quickly, without having to give too much thought. The problem is that pain is a symptom. Pain is a reflection. Pain is not a condition, it is a result. At some point in time, we must do the necessary due diligence to identify the cause and work on a correction. The price that is paid for a correction always costs more if we ignore all warning signals. Our society almost encourages us to wait, as our pains, if not addressed, will ultimately produce profits for others.

Pain must be viewed as a disciplined coach who is teaching growth, strength, happiness and success. And true success is never achieved without dedication and failures, of which pain is naturally a part.

With maturity and wisdom, you will realize that pain is inevitable. Growth is needed to reach new levels in life and no growth can come without pain. Tolerating pain and using it as a catalyst to greater achievements ensures success. The key to ultimate happiness is to voluntarily subject ourselves to some form of pain on a daily basis, such as exercise or sacrificing. This will prepare you for the pains that life will send when least expected. Never again run from pain, as the artificial elimination of pain will produce permanent pain.

If you ever want to elevate your happiness, voluntarily subject yourself to an increased level of pain for a prolonged period of time and then come back to your original state. You'll be amazed how you're automatically happier.

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