Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shortcomings of Traditional Sportsmedicine

There are 4 basic flaws with today's sportsmedicine industry.
  1. We wait until an athlete is injured before we do anything.
  2. We only look at the site of injury.
  3. Our treatment goals are "to eliminate symptoms".
  4. We allow insurance guidelines to dictate what care is provided.
As athletes, we have much greater, more demanding and continual needs that should never be based only on symptoms nor governed by the insurance industry. Structural Management® guidelines are much more suited to the needs of athletes;
  1. Examine biomechanics prior to season and make corrective recommendations.
  2. Begin taking corrective measures immediately.
  3. Never let symptoms be the call to action. The ultimate goal is maximum biomechanical improvements, and once that has been achieved, structural management and maintenance becomes a lifetime mission.
Today's message. Sleep well.

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