Sunday, March 16, 2008

Live Internet Radio

Well, week # 1 is in the bank. This show was used more as a test than anything else. We let very few people know we were doing it, just so we could make sure the technical side of it was all working. And, the good news is, it worked.

So, now our goal is to notify as many people as possible about this show, as Structural Management® should also be known as "the solution". There is a total void out there in the sportsmedicine world with regard to good answers for athlete's problems, and we offer much better solutions.

Join in on the show, via e mail or (soon to have) telephone call-in- capability to discuss, question, challenge or whatever moves you. But, regardless of what moves you, join us on Thursdays from 3-4 pm EST, and join in on the movement that is going to transform sportsmedicine world into a new way of doing business.

Stay on the roads, stay in the gyms, stay active, and life will be good. The key is, stay uninjured. With that being said, we know how difficult this can be with our current system.

And, that's why Structural Management® is the solution for the future.

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