Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Journey Continues

Yesterday was the second of our 6 race 5k series with the Capital District YMCA. It was a gorgeous Saturday morning in sleepy Scotia, N.Y., tucked in between the banks of the Mohawk River and the green and chirping of beautiful Collins Park.

We exceeded 100 runners, and for a first time race, and one taking place the day before the famed Boilermaker, this was a great success.

The goal for the YMCA--to get more people active, family oriented and enjoying the beauties around us. The goal for Structural Management® --to raise the awareness of sports biomechanics, and to let everyone know that their life will be influenced by the biomechanical work they do, or don't do. Not only the injuries they will deal with today, but the speed of the degeneration in their bodies in years to come.

I then went to the Induction ceremonies yesterday afternoon of 3 new inductees into the Road Racing Hall of Fame. As an introduction, Larry Rausen called up on stage Nina Kuscik and Katherine Switzer. These 2 women, through persistence and passion, were instrumental in forcing the IOC to ultimately include women's racing into the Olympics, starting with the 1984 women's marathon.

This gives me hope that the mission of Structural Management, as slow as it seems to be moving at times, will one day make sports biomechanics as readily available as pharmaceuticals and surgeries are.

We carry on.

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