Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Day

Today is the first day that we'll actually be going into a high school to scan student/athletes for custom orthotics. We have worked for years with this school, and we have gotten the word out on the importance of injury prevention and biomechanical balancing, and today we begin the newest chapter in caring for this age group by bringing the program to the school.

We'll scan as many as possible, and continue educating and motivating more parents to join in and take the first, and best, step at keeping their child uninjured--by getting custom orthotics.

Our next step will be to set up an office in a school where we can actually treat kids on campus, at least one day per week. These kids will have already gone through an exam in our office, and this will save the parents from having to take time out to pick up their child and drive them to our office. I'm hoping sometime this year this will occur.

Long range goals; to build a model for every school district in the country to mirror, one that will provide the highest quality of care to all kids without the school district having to pay a cent. We'll keep you posted.

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