Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let the Games Begin

We've just had the first week of high school athlete's practices, and the injuries have already begun. We've had quite a few with new injuries, several with chronic (multi-year) injuries, and still several with no injuries. This is the category we're trying to influence, as proactive is always better than reactive.

This year is going to be a great year for our program, as so many more parents and athletes are aware of what we're all about. We're going to be bringing case histories to the blog site so people can see in detail what we do, why it's better and why they need to come in.

The policy of "No Charge" for any exam, either acute or Structural Fingerprint®, is just great as it gives people the opportunity to check it all out with no obligation. And, if it makes sense and they see the value in it, then they can pursue getting treatment/rehab/supplies.

This is going to be a great year, and by the end of this school year, so many more people will fully understand the importance of "Management" of the human structure and the benefits that come with it.

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