Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Action/Reaction Theory

If you knew you had the remote control on everyone elses personality and decisions, you'd think you died and went to heaven. Think of all the benefits you'd quickly gain if you could control the answer of everyone you come into contact with. The job you want, the mate you want, the salary you want, all at your fingertips.

Well, the truth is, it isn't quite that easy. But it's pretty darned close. Most people spend their lives "reacting" to what society happens to throw at you on any given day. If your boss is mad, you "react". If your spouse is upset, you "react". If there is a traffic jam on your way to work making you late for a very important meeting, you "react".

Your days are spent "reacting" to everyone and everything. Who's doing the acting? Who's the one having it his/her way? From this point on, it's got to be YOU!

Design your day, your week, your life, and follow that design. If you get yelled at, don't bail on your schedule. For example, if your boss yells and demands a better report, smile, thank them and get it done as quickly as possible. If you get into a traffic jam on your way to an important meeting, relax. You have a limited set of options at this point and it's the perfect time to "exercise" your mind by learning how to relax at a time when most would be going crazy. When you get to work, simply explain what happened and then go about your day doing what can be done from this point on. Quit acting like a meteorite is coming at your head.

Regardless of all of the distractions, set your objectives. Make others realize that you are a do-er of life and that you and your schedule are important. Don't be the first to say, "I'll give up what I do to make your life better". ACT!, and the world will support you.

Secondly, treat others with respect and they will "react" accordingly. Treat others with a happy demeanor, a positive personality, and you will receive the same. When someone is upset at you, simply apologize and ask them how you can avoid doing it again. What can you do to help them at this point. As soon as they see you are changing the rules of the argument (by giving kindness), they will follow. No one can be mad at someone apologizing and being kind to them.

Learn to act instead of react, and your life will all of a sudden become "your" life again.

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