Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Next Bite Theory

The pace of life is so fast, we miss 80% of what we pass. We get so caught up in the problems that hit us yesterday and the problems that are coming tomorrow, we hardly have time to realize the experience we are feeling at the moment.

When eating, the typical cycle of each bite goes something like this; insert fork into piece of food. Place fork in mouth. While chewing, the eyes roam the plate determining which piece of food will be the next victim. Despite the fact that the only piece of food we can really taste and enjoy at any moment in time is the one in our mouth, we still let our focus be on "the next bite", drastically reducing the joy of this bite.

We say: Carpe Chew-em!

This becomes a habit of life and the only way to change the habit, the only way to learn to enjoy NOW is to practice. This takes years of constant effort to master this concept, but the upside of it is that you'll truly enjoy more of life and stop missing the scenery you're passing on this journey.

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